Friday, March 27, 2009

Peter Schiff Wall ST Unspun 25 Mar 09

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  1. Mr Schiff,

    I've been enjoying your commentary on the crisis as well as your books for past several years and believe you to have a deep understanding of the current issues facing this country.

    However... Let me say that I would enjoy them more if your tone were not of complete confidence. That confidence comes off as if you are the only intelligent "economist" on the planet. This is not a good quality and I am sure you could easily find many circumstance where you were wrong.

    One thing I have learned is that regardless of what numbers do there is one factor that can and often does skew them. That factor is human nature the number one controlling factor in any economy. This is the one factor that has, continues to, and always will make predicting what an economy will do very difficult at best.

    A little humility.


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