Monday, April 27, 2009

Peter Schiff Vlog Report 27 Apr 2009

The Fed is Creating Inflation lenders will demand higher interest rates to compensate ....The Fed is destroying private sector lending
- The ideal interest rates in the US is a negative 5% says a group of economists
- Ideal for who? Surely not for the lenders
- We need higher interest rates not lower!
- Federal Reserve will create inflation
- With Inflation nobody will lend, people are not stupid
- THe FED will destroy private sector lending and savings, that will not create economic growth, that will create hyperinflation


  1. Thanks Peter. Please keep sharing with us

  2. Isn't Fed Just Elaborate Counterfeiting Scheme/Operation?
    (Apollonian, 27 Apr 09)

    Pete, u say Fed economist(s) "don't understand" economics, but I think they do quite well enough, and u're too hasty for ur too easy-going assessment.

    After all, these (Fed) people want the New World Order (NWO) and socialistic "world government," and destroying US Dollar is obviously the way they want to do it--as u've so well analyzed for us. Thus they create panic and thereby justify extra-ordinary measures--like fascism.

    For the problem, I submit to u, is now a matter of rhetoric and propaganda, and though u've done well so far, still, it would seem u're not quite seeing the next step. U've got to convert what is INTELLECTUAL and abstract to a more easily visualized CONCRETE.

    Pete, u also say stuff like u think it's not Fed people, et al., aren't "well-intended." But by such unfortunate statement of urs, I fear u're just playing their game. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING perfectly well, serving their CFR-Bilderberg masters (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy).

    For again--isn't this Fed money "creation" just a fancy way of COUNTERFEITING?--that's what G. Edward Griffin says (

    These Fed people are just a bunch of COUNTERFEITERS; that's all--they're just a bunch of criminal conspirators, pure and simple. And these criminals see a way to enslave the people of the world, beginning with people of USA, and they're going full-speed ahead. U urself (and ur heroic dad too, as I recall) analyze the whole process quite well, aside fm ur unfortunate failure to translate abstract to concrete regarding "counterfeiting."

    And once people start using the proper word to describe what's going on, COUNTERFEITING, more folks will be informed, fore-warned, hence fore-armed.

    Pete, u, Tom Woods (author of recent "Meltdown" book), and Ron Paul fall down grievously, I say, when u fail to use proper rhetoric, and calling a spade a spade--it's COUNTERFEITING (regarding what Fed does).

    My complaint about u otherwise worthy folk, Paul, Woods, and urself is u keep the issue (Fed counterfeiting) TOO INTELLECTUAL AND ABSTRACT, hence inaccessible to most folk, when making it CONCRETE would do the necessary job, helping folks to understand better, more readily.

    Most people will never be intellectual enough to understand "inflation," for example--they'll never understand how monetary inflation leads to price inflation--it's just TOO ABSTRACT for them.

    But when u use a CONCRETE term like "counterfeiting," EVEN A CHILD UNDERSTANDS. And that's what we need--we need people to spread the proverbial "word" about these CRIMINALS (counterfeiters, again) who are literally destroying us and under-mining our civilization even as we "speak" here and now.

    Think of it--if we can get the children themselves to popularize the term "counterfeiting," using the term among themselves, and thus make it current within the broad cultural ethos and dialectic, then we've won the battle right there.

    The kids could thereby get the parents and adults to start doing the necessary serious thinking about these outrageous frauds and criminals who are conducting literal grand larceny in broad daylight (as u so well pt. out)--these COUNTERFEITERS, I say again.

    So that's my complaint against such as u, Woods, and Paul--as good a job as u're un-questionably doing, yet u fail to do it fully, failing to accomplish the propaganda task--which is still consistent w. truth. Once people understand it's really COUNTERFEITING, then it's far easier to understand the next necessary aspects--like CONSPIRACY.

    CONCLUSION: Anyway, keep up ur great work otherwise--I certainly appreciate ur expositions. Take care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. apollonian, on 'Freedom Watch,' Peter talking about the fed committing counterfeit.

  4. Schiff for Senate!

  5. As always, very interesting and right to the point! Thanks.

    Just wanted to comment on the "rising" Dollar. Peter mentioned that he doesn't understand how Dollar can still be rising in the middle of all this mess. The answer is - control! The Dollar exchange rate is subject to a very tight control, contrary to what the politicians are saying. You know how China kept Yuan exchange rate artificially low to boost its exports. Well, it is the same thing here, but reversed. Current Dollar exchange rate is artificial. People talk about globalization as if this is a thing of the future. Sure, politically it may be. But economically we already are. Proof: take your Toyota and disassemble it into small parts. What you'll get is a collection of parts which came not just from Japan, but from all over the world. But what did you buy this car with? The Dollars of course. Not just cars, everything. Economically the world is already one! Just like Chinese government has total control of its currency, the FED has the total control of the Dollar. And that control goes way beyond US borders. Proof: just take a look at what rate the Dollar is trading against Russian Ruble. Compare that rate to what it was a year ago. And, believe it or not, Russian economy is much more solid than the US one at this point, as they do have a lot of savings and raw materials to export. So how come the currency of a sound economy is falling against a currency of a broken one? They are not two economies, they are actually one economy tightly controlled by a small group of people. But the Dollar inflation will come and all these manipulations will eventually bring the Dollar down even harder.

    Now a million Dollar question. How can the little guy take advantage of this situation? Answer: inflation will actually help you pay your mortgage, if you can keep your earnings in pace with this inflation. If dollar looses 90% of it's value, it doesn't mean your house will. It might loose some inflated value, but its real value will not disappear. And when the Dollar inflation hits, the value of your house will not go up, your mortgage will not go up, but the price of this house in Dollars will go up. Now what else in your life has some real value, besides your house? Your skills of course. So the trick is stop selling your skills for Dollars. The currencies of sound economies like Japan ultimately will not loose as much value as the Dollar. So think about selling your skills for Yens, while still paying your mortgage in Dollars...


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