Monday, May 18, 2009

Peter Schiff The Government is solving the problems by printing more money

Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog May 18 2009
Peter Schiff mentions Fox and Mike Norman and his idea that we can print money into prosperity and solve all problems just by printing non gold backed money ...Peter also says that India and china 's consumers can replace the American consumer in the near future , the American consumption is irrelevant to the world economy he says and can be easily replaced by the more larger Asian population consumption ...while Asia is moving towards the market principles America is doing the contrary by socializing the economy he later said excellent Vlog from Peter Schiff as always


  1. just out of subject , I wanted to point out to that coward Anonymous who comes here from time to time saying that I am pretending to be Peter Schiff !!!!..., not only I have always written on the top of my blog that this is a Fan based blog ( unlike your blog and the tens of others dedicated to Peter Schiff out there) I have always pointed out to the only official Peter Schiff website , besides all this I also have the blessing of Peter Schiff , he knows what I am doing he thanks me for it , he mentioned me in his before last WSU broadcast , I also have his cell phone number and I can call him any time I want , unlike you mister anonymous coward , we do not know who you are and you keep on spamming and whining ...I think you are one of those loser bloggers who is just jealous and there is nothing I can do for you to appease the jealousy that is eating up your heart...

  2. AnonymousMay 19, 2009

    its too bad that he didnt get more air time here in canada. it would have been nice to have him show the liberal left parties here how ridiculous the policy of quantitative easing really is. unfortunately our current prime minister cannot stay in power unless he caves into this ridiculous process of spiralling debts. but i guess thats why they call the electorate sheep right!

    brad maynard (i dont like being anonymous!!!)


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