Monday, May 25, 2009

Peter Schiff on The Alex Jones Tv

his was broadcast on 22 12 2008 , but still a great watch , Peter Schiff is talking about the Ponzi scheme economy , the increasing number of unenmployment possible riots and civil unrest ..move your money abroad foreign stocks and bonds , gold and silver outside the USA , invest in mining foreign companies....We have to kill government before it kills us , it is like a Cancer said Peter Schiff....yet another great analogy

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  1. During first world war Denmark was blockaded and widespread food shortages and malnutrition were a real threat. Their inexpensive grain supply to feed their bred pigs, cattle and poultry was cut off. They had over 5 million grain eating domestic animals and 3,5 million people to feed. To solve the problem they appointed some guy from the Danish State Institute of Food Research, who achieved a complete reversal of the situation. He immediately ordered the killing of 80% of the pigs and 20% of the cattle so that more grain would be available for human consumption. The Danes began to eat more whole meal bread, porridge, vegetables, beans, little dairy, little or no meat. Not only did Denmark become the healthiest nation in Europe during that year, but their cancer rate dropped by 60% and the death rate fell by 40%. Sadly, after the war all this was reversed.(Google The effects of food restriction during war on mortality in Copenhagen Journal of the American medical association)

    We are all going to have to learn that often less is more.


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