Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peter Schiff's speech at the Connecticut Libertarian Party convention

Peter Schiff speech at the Connecticut LP convention 30 May 2009

I think this is the first Peter Schiff's speech as a "politician" and not exclusively as an economist , Peter Schiff marks his debut into politics at the Libertarian Party convention in Connecticut
He tells the audience that it is a waste of resources running as a minor party. "We haven't won anything in 40 years" and "we don't have another 40 years to try." Instead, he recommends joining the Republican party while it is in shambles in order to expand the influence of the libertarian wing. We can only hope that Peter Schiff will lead by example and run for Senate in 2010 against the neocon Rob Simmons in the primary and Chris Dodd in the general election.

below is the entire clip from the convention , Peter starts his speech at around min 15:00 the speech ends at around 1:32 then Peter answers questions from the audience