Friday, June 12, 2009

Bank of Japan confident in the U.S. dollar ?! by Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff Report Video Blog June 12th 2009 the dollar rallied a bit today , the bank of Japan has complete confidence in dollar , the US dollar reserve status is unshakable , they must be kidding , , it is probably a favor asked to the Japanese by some American politician ...there is no strong dollar policy ..we have a weak dollar policy what have we done to install confidence ? they also say that they have complete confidence in US treasury bonds ...this is madness ! this is probably a pure show the japanese are not fools , probably the japs are doing "pump and dump" that's waving a flag to the speculators , based on the fiscal and monetary policy we are pursuing the dollar will go as low as 50 yens ,,that's self serving coming from one of our major creditors , the statement was so powerfull and so positive that it must be FAKE ...foreign stock markets in general performed better than our ...

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  1. Thanks for fixing the audio issue. Grateful for all you knowledge.


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