Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bernanke and Poulson Should be in Jail Says Peter Schiff

The Bonds Bubble has Burst Peter Schiff Wall Street Unspun
excellent Wall Street Unspun this Wednesday with Peter Schiff touching a wide range of subjects the bond market inflation crude oil prices skyrocketing his show with Jon Stewart the Daily Show his book Crash proof being number 23 in Amazon , the dollar continuing to be weak ,the rally of the commodities currencies Norwegian krona Australian and Canadian dollars , ,gold mint in Perth Australia ,the bond bubble has burst there is a lot of air in that bubble and a lot of deflating to do , if you think that the dollar have fallen enough just wait ... , The possibility that the US government start seizing gold Peter Schiff thinks Bernanke should be in jail , Peter also mentions Warren Buffett criticizing him his attitude sending the wrong patriotic message , he also talks about Marc Faber and the fact that he is 100% sure America will go into hyperinflationand more ...more ...

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