Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peter Schiff on Cap & Trade Bill CNBC 26 June 2009

Obama's Cap and Trade bill on global Warming ...Peter Schiff says that the only jobs that this bill is going to create are unproductive jobs bureacrats jobs that the rest of us will hav to support with taxes ..., This bill is ridiculouse even if the economy was in good shape , with the economy as bas as it is now this bill will destroy it with more taxes ...The emotional pulse of the public is a key component of any rebound, with Steve Malzberg, "The Steve Malzberg Show" host; Sean O'Hara, Revenue Shares Investor Services; Jeremiah McWilliams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital; and CNBC's Dennis Kneale.

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  1. This is essentially the Warner-Lieberman Global Warming bill from the last Congress. It still stinks. It will still destroy our economy, and should still go the way of the Dodo Bird. China and Russia have already stated they will NOT implement these changes. Who is going to lose? The American taxpayer, the American businessman, and the American family. God help us if this bill passes.


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