Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peter Schiff Vlog Report 23 june 2009

Peter Schiff's Vlog today is about The Dow that got hammered today despite there is no rally in the stock market closing down below the 80 level after having traded above 81 just yesterday , the dollar is losing all what he has gained lately...Ben Bernanke will want the world to believe that he has an exit strategy regarding the quantitative easing which he has not and he needs to reassure the market that they keep on buying treasuries , which means they have to keep printing money and that they are not going to raise interest rates any time soon ...the situation is getting more problematic about the dollar , Ben Bernanke who did as bad job as his predecessor Greenspan is very likely to be reappointed except in the case something hits the fan in the meanwhile ...Obama even praised the job done by the FED !!! Ben Bernanke will be reappointed to a much more stronger FED if the bill pass so he will be able to inflect an even much more damage to the already ailing economical and financial situation , we need protection from the government not more government to protect us we have reduction in supplies which translates in increased prices despite a decrease in compunction and increase in unemployment , in fact this this what is happening to the sugar prices which have surged 5% to a new three years high , despite the economy is weakening the prices continue to shoot to the roof ...Obama himself admitting that unemployment will go to 10 %...

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