Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sean Hannity of Fox News calls Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) a "lying weasel"

Peter Schiff will be probably challenging Chris Dodd , Addressing the Connecticut Libertarian Party's convention in Bridgeport this past weekend Peter schiff anounced that he might possibly be challenging Chris Dodd rather as a republican than as a third libertarian party :
Peter Schiff said amongst other things :
"The Republican Party is a complete mess right now. They don't know what they believe in or what they stand for. And they're not going to get re-elected....

"What we need is to move the Republican Party to the Libertarian wing, to the Ron Paul wing, because that's the only way we can win, the only way we can get Libertarian principles into government is to bring them in through that party. Because I don't think we've got enough time to try to get the Libertarian party in office, we need to just get Libertarian-minded people in office. And I think the way to do that now is through the Republican Party because I think the Republican Party is very vulnerable right now. And I think the best way, instead of fighting them, just take them over, and infiltrate the party and then influence the direction that it moves...

"I just think it's too important to waste your resources or your effort to trying to elect Libertarians. You'd be better off trying to find Libertarian candidates trying to run for office in the Republican party and support them..."

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