Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gold Silver Palladium Platinum Rhodium and Peter Schiff

a tribute to Peter Schiff

no frankly folks jokes apart you should invest in precious metals Peter Schiff cannot repeat it enough , precious metals are as their name says precious , most of the time with finite quantities and no new mines discovered around the world , and we are 6 billions soon to be 10 billions humans competing to possess the finite quantities of these metals , Silver is even said to become extinct around 2020 , the same way what happened to Rhodium which went from $300 to $10 000 an ounce , and now with the car sales picking up again forced with different stimulus packages the Palladium prices a metal used in pollution control devices in automobiles are expected to explode in the very near future ...OK now back to politics , this Monday Peter Schiff did not broadcast any Vlog , so I will bring you this clip made by yet another fan in order to remind you that Peter Schiff needs your contributions for his senate race , you already know the website where you can make your donations I guess here it is again Peter will also need volunteers , so take care everybody

1 comment:

  1. i tried to send a donation but could not
    get system to work - i am convinced if
    peter schiff runs many who have not yet
    done so, will contribute financially

    dan stanley


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