Monday, July 13, 2009

Peter Schiff Bullish on precious metals Commodities and China

Peter Schiff on CNBC The Doomsday Trade
Peter Schiff was tonight on CNBC , talking about what the anchor called doomsday trade , Peter says he is not doomsayer he simply sees the reality , Peter Schiff says he is bearish on America because of how things are done here , but he is bullish on a lot of other things like foreign economies , commodities , precious metals and China where his firm have invested heavily in the last past years ...Peter Schiff says " I am not a permabear permanently , I understand reality , It is not doom it is reality I am talking about " ...and the reality is we are still in a lot of trouble , Peter believes that the stimulus will worsen the economy instead of fixing it...recession will be prolonged and will deepen ...Peter Schiff predicts an official unemployment rate of at better 15% by the end of Obama's term if we do not take the medicine


  1. Great Peter,
    I am quite sure that Kneale is not bullish....he's only foreced by his bosses to be so.
    All his justifications to call the recession over were literally hilarious. Too bad as usual....the bears get 3 minutes to explain what the heck the Big boys are doin to the U.S.

  2. why does Peter have to suffer these fools?

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2009

    on my screen no video shows up .....????? normally I have no problems, an other thing, to load your page often takes forever, not an issue anywhere the other day it wouldn´t allow me to disconnect at all.... I don´t mean to complain, just some observations,.... but thanks for the continuous info

  4. Hi anon just reload the page there is a video , and the reason it takes time to load it is because it is located on CNBC servers so there is nothing really I could do about it , just have patience and let the page load until you get the video , take care


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