Friday, July 31, 2009

Peter Schiff the man who called the Crash does not buy the DOW Rally

Bull Marker or BS ? Peter Schiff July 30 2009 CNBC Fast Money

Peter Schiff who predicted the housing crash in 2005 does not buy this DOW's rally , Peter says we are clearly on a bear market rally the bear market will last for a long time , the market are rallying way faster overseas than they are doing in the United States not even close , Peter Schiff reminds them that the last time he was on the show he said that the dollar rally won't last which it has not , the dollar ihas falling precipitately since march and that's undermining the real returns that investors think they are earning on US stocks , because what's they are gaining nominally as the stocks going up they are losing it in purchasing power as the dollar is coming down....

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