Friday, July 17, 2009

Peter Schiff Race for Senate 17 July 2009

Peter Schiff Vlog 17 July 2009
Peter Schiff thanks all who has contributed to his campaign so far which are around 1500 people but these are still a small number compared to Peter Schiff's real fans number around the world , every contribution counts , if you want to see Peter Schiff in the Senate you have to contribute to his campaign , The markets : the market is rallying Peter schiff explains the head and Shoulders theory , The dollar continues to be weak , Peter Schiff believes the dollar is going down pretty big whether the market rally or fall , Commodities rose over the last week , but this is not a sign of the recovery this stock market rally is fake ...the rally economy says that retailers are being bankrupts Americans on credit cannot shop unemployment shooting to the roof and more to come ..., hopefully the government won't bailout CITI ...Intel came out with earning and Hunday their sales are down in the States and up in China , this means the Chinese are consuming more this is just the beginning imagine when the Chinese abandon the dollar and use their currency , our economy is drowning the Americans stopped consuming

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