Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Peter Schiff wants to legalize drugs

during his Q&A on Reddit Peter Schiff received a specific question from a user called "Cow with Beef" ...about Peter Schiff's stand on drug war and federal prohibition , Peter Schiff answers that in case his campaign "unfortunately there more pressing concerns" he said "the government war on drugs was a complete failure , it is no more successful than the war on alcohol during the prohibition " records show that when the government made alcohol illegal its use went up but also crime went up as well "and I think that the laws that criminalize the use of drugs created incentives through high prices for pushers to sell drugs and we ended up having more drug use as result of drugs illegalization and in addition we created a criminal problem out of a health problem , and I think 90% of the people in jail are in jail because of drugs related crimes , and most of the crimes are theft , cause people have to steal money in order to buy drugs , instead if the drugs were legal they would be less expensive and people would not have to commit crimes in order to afford them also if drugs were legal they would be much pure much safer , they would not be this health risk for the drug addicts if the drugs were legal and legally distributed"

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