Friday, August 21, 2009

Raising the debt ceiling is foolish Peter Schiff Vlog Aug 21 st 2009

The worst is yet to come still :

this Friday'sw Aug 21st 2009 Vlog is mostely about Geithner's letter to the Gongress about raising the debt ceiling , the opposite of what is needed says Peter Schiff ,
todays the markets were pretty strong the Dow is up of about 150 points again the dollar was very weak , the dollar index right around 78 did not make a new low but it looks very close to breaking down , the stock market is being supported by the belief that the worse of the economy is over that the recession is turning around , all of this of course is not true , the worst is yet to come still , all we have done is artificially stimulate the economy and as the stimulus went of it is going to be a horrific hang over .....

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