Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dave Ramsey calls Peter Schiff author of Crash Proof an idiot

Dave Ramsey calls Peter Schiff an idiot !

Quote from the youtube channel that posted this video : This is a phone call to the Dave Ramsey show from January 23, 2008 regarding Peter Schiff and his book, "Crash Proof." During the call, Dave Ramsey calls Peter Schiff an "idiot," and Peter's father a "nutburger" and a "kook."

I had to cut the last two minutes due to length, but the full call is available in the archives on Dave Ramsey's website under the "Economy" heading.

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  1. He's a 47 year old idiot.

  2. Absolutely brilliant. This should get more air time. ACE. Peter is going to do very well out of all this, but I am not sure Americans are as they will probably not really want to listen to him,even WHEN he gets elected. RMJA


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