Friday, September 18, 2009

Stop the Spending vote Peter Schiff Fox Business News 18 Sept 2009

Peter Schiff starts his Campaign from Fox Business today he said that he is Not a Career Politician like Chris Dodd .he wants to fix the senate and go back to work with his company in the private sector , Fox Business recommended a bumper sticker for his campaign that could say " Stop the Spending vote Peter Schiff "
Euro Pacific President Peter Schiff on running for the Senate.

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  1. The governments are out of control... They don´t understand the problem and are trying to fix it with the same problem but in larget scale... what a blow of is going to be.

    I have a site, where you can click on american flag so it can be translated in english. Check it:

    I hope you win... have some of your videos on my web site.

  2. vote for schiff before we fall off the cliff

  3. With all respect to Peter Shiff - I believe more to German economist William Engdahl.

    He said in April 2009:
    "Not even Jesus could reverse the decline in the US"

    Anyway, good luck.


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