Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peter Schiff on Brazil Student Loans the Dollar and much more

Schiff Report Video blog Oct 20th 2009

Brazil Real tuition costs the dollar collapsing

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  1. Peter,

    Why is Warren Buffet some kind of hero in your eyes?
    Dealing in Coke by-products is mighty profitable, but it doesn't make you a financial genius. Wells Fargo = Seeing-Eye-A.
    WB is the shadow in the Franklin Scandal. Lock your children up when he comes to town.
    WB has turned "philanthropist" (depopulationist) because that's the deal--the ill-gotten gains have to be returned according to the orders of his handlers.

  2. Please fix that microphone, and get a backup so you never have to use that microphone again . . . Aside from that, looks like the hyperinflation is getting closer and closer, you have been right all the way along, I'm thinking about another 12 months before things get serious economically, unless we have some type of catlytic event before then.

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