Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Peter Schiff vs Warren Buffett on America CNBC Fast Money 03 Nov 2009

Schiff Buffett's vision won't come true without radical changes in the American System

Insight on how to heal the U.S. economy, with Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital.

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  1. Schiff is spot on in his assesment. Low-interest rates are just propping up the bubble created by the financial insititutions and the Low-interest set by the fed years back. U.S. treasuries will be dumped and will come back to the U.S. causing hyperinflation. Its hard to watch this happen here in the U.S. but the best bet is to position yourself in hard and soft commodities.

  2. Peter,

    Why are they NOT listening to you? It seems that all they want to do in these interviews is to buy some showtime and really stick to their own view, regardless of what you want to say. Just look at that guy who is saying low interest rates are beneficial to the economy. Weren't these same low interest rates that inflated the last bubble. Jeez...

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