Monday, December 21, 2009

Peter Schiff is not a neocon in Libertarian clothes

Peter Schiff does not want to bomb Iran

After having posted This Video last week under the title 'Peter Schiff on national Security' some other websites and blogs re-posted it under different titles claiming that in that video Peter Schiff was calling to bomb Iran , and that he seemed more of a neo con in foreign policy , raising quite a controversy , a very famous website was even asking his readers to vote for the more 'pacific' Chris Dod !!!! I think Peter Schiff words were taken out of contest when he said that we should bomb Iran , I as many of you was waiting for a Vlog response from Peter Schiff himself , lately there was a small entry in his twitter saying 'My 2002 investment predictions were spot on and I do not want to bomb Iran' but the video it was pointing at did not mention anything about Iran , I am pretty sure Peter Schiff will address this issue very soon in his future Vlogs , I am personally convinced that Peter Schiff is a pure Libertarian , that his words were kind of taken out of contest and that if Peter Schiff was in charge in this country the last thing he will do is waging a war in foreign soils while 3 out of 10 Americans are living on food stamps any case I thought of use bringing you this other video where Peter Schiff talks about his views on Foreign policy and national security , it was recorded on December the 16th 2009 , I hope it will shed more light ...

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