Saturday, December 19, 2009

PETER SCHIFF on the IMMIGRATION Reform Dec. 16, 2009

Peter Schiff soon we will be worrying about emigration not immigration!!!

we do not want people coming here to collect social benefits , we want them to come here to work , But Peter Schiff does not blame the present situation on the immigrants , , the blame is on the system that needs to be reformed , Peter Schiff is against social welfare tout court , either for the immigrants or the locals (natives of the country) , needless to say that I agree with him on this 100% , unlike the conservatives and neo conservatives approach of willing to blame everything on the immigrants who for the majority of the cases are here to work and improve their economical situation , it is the system that should be reformed from the core , more incentives and benefits should be giving to the working class ie increase of the minimum wage to match at least the increase in inflation , but again is this going to be realistic in a globalized world where we have as an economy going to be competing with Chinese and Indian wages , in anyway , Peter Schiff nailed it when he explained that if we do not reform the system soon it is not the immigration we will be worrying about but the emigration , cause the youth the students and the brightest people will soon be looking for better shores ....

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