Friday, May 1, 2009

The Governement undermined the Free market

Americans needs to save more produce more and consume less , we should stop maintaining a phony economy based on consumers spending :

Governement Interventions undermined the Free Market

Obama is doing precisely what Bush did ...what we need is letting the companies fail :

Peter Schiff Excellent speech at NYU Poly on April 30, 2009

America has a Ponzi scheme economy , Bernard Madoff should have been appointed secretary of the treasury , he understands Ponzi schemes better than anybody else...

The Governement made it easy to Gamble with Cheap money from the FED :

Alan Greenspan is a Bar Tender serving booze :

The Dollar is on its way down

Peter Schiff Vlog Report 01 May 2009 , the US Dollar seems on its way to collapse ...Peter Schiff is More optimistic about the Canadian and Australian Dollars...
The Dollar had a weak week and continues to fall ..when the Fed buys bonds it makes them less valuable....foreign stock market continues to way out perform the American stock market ..Chrysler has filed for bankruptcy ....

Error bX-r1ezpk on terrible ! Here is the Fix :

as you may have noticed it this morning many blogs hosted on blogger including mine were reporting this strange Error bX-r1ezpk ... fortunately I have found the way to fix it if you have a blog hosted on and have the same error do not panic , here is the fix : go to layout ---> Edit HTML ----> and then click Revert widget templates to default , and you are done your blog will be up and running again...!

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