Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Government is stimulating the problems not the Economy says Peter Schiff

Dan Lovallo interviews U.S. Senate candidate Peter Schiff on the Talk of Connecticut. and takes your phone calls and answers your questions . We stimulated our way into this crisis , what we need in this country is more saving , capital investment more production , the government is encouraging the same things that created the crisis in the first place , "so I need to be in the US Senate when it hits the fan , because if I am not I think they are going to destroy this country , they are gonna destroy the currency we gonna have a dollar crisis we gonna have a runaway inflation we gonna have sky-high interests rates , and we gonna have an unemployment rate that is twice of what it is today " says US Senate candidate Peter Schiff....

Peter David Schiff, president of Euro-Pacific Capital, is a Connecticut-based brokerage firm have correctly predicted the U.S. stock-market collapse , the home mortgage meltdown and the credit crunch .
Peter Schiff discusses politics, world economies, and investment strategies and is now running for a Senate Seat in his native Connecticut , Peter Schiff is Author of the Best Seller Crash Proof How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse

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