Friday, January 1, 2010

Joe Meyer on The Economic Meltdown with Art Bell

Joe Meyer with Art Bell Coast to Coast AM 25 Sept 2009

financial advisor Joe Meyer provided an update on the current (and future) economic meltdown. Meyer believes the rally in the stock market will end soon. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which closed at 9665 on Friday, will go back down to 6470, he said. If that number gets violated, Meyer warned, the next stop could be 4123 and possibly even 2450 as a final panic bottom.

He predicted a second wave of home mortgage defaults when rates reset in 2010 and 2011. Meyer said the next bubble to burst will be commercial real estate, which he anticipates will crash harder than the residential market. A projected 125,000 retail stores are expected to close in 2009 alone, he added, leading to even more bank defaults and further job losses.

Meyer pointed out that 10 states have unemployment rates above 10%, but thinks the true number is much higher, around 16-17%. He suggested setting up programs to put people to work in the public works sector, building and improving roads, bridges, ports, and other infrastructure. Meyer also talked about the end of the U.S. Dollar as a world reserve currency, the commodities bull market, and his recommendation that people buy precious metals, such as silver.

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