Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ron Paul, Radley Balko, Robert Higgs on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano

Freedom Watch with Ron Paul, Radley Balko, Robert Higgs

Ron Paul:

Radley Balko:

Robert Higgs:

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  1. The Phony War on Drugs has Bankrupted America

    Of time, money and resources. The Government is full of total idiots.

    Millions of dollars spent, in paying police, dogs, lawyers, judges, and prisons, to put people in prison perhaps for life just for buying and selling and smoking a plant that grows naturally in the earth.

    Every time I read these kinds of stories, it just enrages me that our government spends millions of dollars of our tax money on basically violating the very citizens they are sworn to protect. The politicians and police who engage in this kind of activity are the ones who deserve life in prison.
    Anyway, drugs will continue to be illegal, and the dog will continue chasing his tail, as long as it is profitable for lawyers and banks, and it keeps the court system and law enforcement entities employed.

    Tip Calaman
    San Francisco, California


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