Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lew Rockwell On Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano on How to Fix The Unemployment Problem

Freedom Watch with Brian Miller, Randy Brogdon Stuart Varney and Lew Rockwell

Lew Rockwell:

" you know just some basic rule of economics. If you wanna have something more of that -- subsidized. So the unemployment benefits which keep increased during. Subsidize unemployment they promote non work. So -- river back in the first Bush Administration. When he was all worried about. Unemployment -- the president typically is and so you vastly increase the unemployment benefits both been linked and an amount. And we're shocked to find out the unemployment rate went up well that's right. Although it you know you might have covered this in your forthcoming book on -- the government told here but we can't really believe these unemployment rates either you know this last quarter. The unemployment rate went. -- they tell -- to nine point 7%. From 10% even though there were 20000 more people unemployed mean. Well authorities are just they've just been -- killing was -- the real unemployment rate is probably more than 20%."

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