Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rand and Ron Paul simultaneous Interview . Ron and Rand Paul disagree on many issues

WHAS11's Joe Arnold interviewed Rand Paul, US Senate candidate, and his father Texas Congressman Ron Paul in an exclusive one-on-one Sunday, January 31.If anything comes out of this interview is that Dr. Rand Paul does not seem to be the good libertarian we all hoped , in fact Dr. Rand Paul openly disagrees with his father Dr. Ron Paul on a wide range of issues going from the war in Afghanistan to Gitmo and foreign policy in general .Here is what Dr Rand Paul had to say about GITMO : "I don't think we should close down GITMO until we decide what to do with the prisoners. I think there is a form of due process through the military trials."
And here is what Dr. Rand Paul had to say about our middle eastern foreign policy "The problem is, we give $6 billion to Israel's enemies that are all around her and we give Israel $4 billion. One, we have to ask the question, where is the money coming from? We have a massive debt and we're out of money. And two, is it wise to sell $200 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, what if next year they are overthrown and then they are a big threat to Israel?
So we may not be helping Israel by funding both sides of the arms race.
We fund Israel's side, but we also fund all of the Islamic allies. People who are somewhat opposed to Israel, we give them money too. We give everybody money, and that, I think is the problem.
I think financially we have to look at what we are doing as a country, but I'm not saying we have no relationship with Israel, or that we never sell anything to Israel. I'm saying right now we give $6 billion to all of their enemies and give 4 billion to them, and we are a country that is facing bankruptcy and approaching a deficit that is unmanageable. So I do think we have to rethink what we are doing on those. It's not to say that there's not going to be exchanges or sale of weapons to Israel, it's just to say we've gone too far in a direction where we give everything to everyone and we have reevaluate what's going on."


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