Friday, March 19, 2010

Peter Schiff Can America break-up like The Soviet Union ?

Peter Schiff - "Will States Secede?" North Haven, CT Mar. 6

Peter Schiff speaks about the hot issue of secession and what he thinks if in the future some states like Texas or Alaska ask to leave the union , the state on Connecticut is a net contributor to the Union so it will certainly benefit from a secession ...there is always that risk if we continue down this path and we destroy our currency and we have runaway inflation and then the government puts price control to stop the prices go up and that does not work and then there is a black market and they make it illegal and people wait on the line for three or four hours to buy a container of milk or you risk going to jail by buying it on the black market , when the country gets that bad , the crime is running out of control and there is black outs , ..etc..we gonna have to do the right thing at some point to avoid all that , because I know that what we are doing right now will produce those conditions , the longer we wait to do the right thing the more difficult it becomes the problems are getting much worse , but we are in that slippery slope right now ...Peter Schiff explained
A large group of Tea Party leaders had an opportunity to ask Peter, Schiff, candidate for Senate, lots of thoughtful questions at a Holiday Inn in North Haven, CT on the afternoon and evening of March 6, 2010. This is one question nobody ever asked before.

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