Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Peter Schiff : The social security is a Ponzi scheme ready to collapse

Peter Schiff - New Milford, CT

Peter Schiff introduces himself to the New Milford, CT Republican Town Committee on March first 2010
"The government has grown so much that it has become a cancer to the economy , we should decided whether to grow the government or grow the economy , we cannot do both , the government doubled in size in the last 10 years , we should reduce the government in size and in its spending , there are too many useless government departments " " The social security is a Ponzi scheme ready to collapse "......"Wall street is drunk and the alcohol is coming from the FED " "the FED is inflating bubbles with cheap money ..."
"Barack Obama is running on change and the only thing he has changed from Bush is the size of the mistakes..."

Peter David Schiff, president of Euro-Pacific Capital, is a Connecticut-based brokerage firm have correctly predicted the U.S. stock-market collapse , the home mortgage meltdown and the credit crunch .
Peter Schiff discusses politics, world economies, and investment strategies and is now running for a Senate Seat in his native Connecticut , Peter Schiff is Author of the Best Seller Crash Proof How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse

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