Tuesday, May 4, 2010

John Stossel Obama is not a Socialist he is an arrogant interventionist

John Stossel on Bill OReilly - 04 May 2010

May 04, 2010 —John Stossel "literally socialism means the government owning the means of production" Obama talks of the beauty of free market I do not know if he believes it " says john Stossel "I call him an interventionist , an arrogant interventionist , ha has lawyers disease , in law schools they teach you that you can manage life with people and procedure , amd micro manage everything so it's better if we just take money from the rich we'll solve the world's problems , we'll decide how it should be spent"
Besides having his own show, John Stossel has a regular weekly appearance on Bill O'Reilly at 8:00 PM each Tuesday. Bill O'Reilly usually tries to take to task John Stossel's libertarian views.

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