Saturday, May 1, 2010

John Stossel: Profit fuels the Economy

Stossel: Why Do We Apologize for Success?

I just cannot believe my ears , John Stossel is defending Goldman Sachs ??? yes indeed Goldman Sachs is good at doing what it does best and that is rigging the markets and cheating the system , should it be rewarded for that ?!?!?!

John Stossel :"it is this awkwardness about defending capitalism and I can see why Blankfein do not want to do it ,one of these guys should say : yes senator do not you want us to make profit ? you need the profit to fuel the economy it is a good way and by the way it is none of your business it is between me and investors the shareholders and our customers , if they do not like what I am getting paid "

John Stossel argues executives should tell Congress their profits are not the government's business.

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