Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peter Schiff Gold could go to $10 000/oz CNBC 05-11-10

Peter Schiff - Gold to DOW ratio will eventually be 1:1 CNBC 05-11-10

Peter Schiff : Europe is becoming like the United States they are going to make the Euro almost as weak as the dollar , it is impossible for the American economy to grow will all the debt with all the new government spending with all the new regulations with all the money printing ...the only for the economy to grow is if we save our money and invest and produce and we are doing none of that says Peter Schiff ...
May 12, 2010 — Peter Schiff on CNBC Fast Money dated May 11th, 2010 talking about where the price of gold is headed. Peter believes the price of gold will eventually equal the DOW. That may mean 5000 gold and 5000 DOW or 10000 gold and 10000 DOW.

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