Monday, May 24, 2010

Peter Schiff vs Mike Mussa - CNBC 24 May 2010

Peter Schiff on CNBC - is US The Next Greece or Japan? 24 May 2010

Peter Schiff : In order to preserve (your) wealth you need to get out of the US dollar it is going to be debased , you have to invest abroad , you have to invest in inflation hedges like gold and silver like commodities , you have to look to have incomes streams to come from currencies that are not the US dollar and avoid the Euro as well , you want try to have currencies where their governments are not going to have to print so much money to inflate their way out of debt ....
Discussing whether the economic situation in the United States is beginning to resemble Greece or Japan, with Mike Mussa, Peterson Institute and Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital.

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