Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ron Paul at Jekyll Island : My Battle Against the Fed

The Federal Reserve has had long enough to demonstrate its use to the American economy. The latest economic crisis alone is enough to discredit its claims as the great stabilizer. There is the long history of devastating inflation, the government spending it funds, the wars and welfare that are made possible by its printing presses, and also the conflicts of interest and corruptions it introduces into public life. We can do without the central bank. We don't need the Fed. Our money and our future would be more assured without it.

In this conference, the Mises Institute returns to the founding home of the Fed, cobbled together in secret at the Jekyll Island Resort in Georgia, under the guise of a "duck hunting expedition."

This conference will honor the publication of Ron Paul's outstanding book, End the Fed, as well as his role in bringing attention to the issue of the Fed in public life. We'll explore the history and examine options and alternatives for the future.

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