Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peter Schiff announces successful petition drive

Peter Schiff :"It's amazing how much support I actually have in the state (CT) how many people helped collect the signatures and turned them in , I am reasonably confident that we have enough signatures to get on the ballot , it is a very cumbersome process " “This success illustrates the tremendous grassroots support my campaign enjoys,”
“Pending review and approval by the Secretary of State, I look forward to being on the August 10th, Republican primary ballot. In the coming weeks, voters can look forward to a discussion of what distinguishes me from Linda McMahon. We need a political outsider and a real grassroots candidate, not one who buys grassroots support. It is becoming increasingly clear that Linda McMahon is not the kind of public servant Connecticut wants."

“I have a proven track record of seeing our economy for what it is, not what some hoped it to be. I will fight to remove the government road blocks preventing employers from creating jobs and get our economy back on track,”

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