Sunday, August 29, 2010

Peter Schiff : the FED is turning this Recession into a Depression

Peter Schiff On CNBC 08/27/10 - Monetary vs Fiscal Policy Fix

Peter Schiff : Bernanke has done enough damage , I wish he could stop and leave the economy heal , Deflation is not a problem it's healthy it is what the economy needs the FED inflated an asset bubble , let it deflate , it's the stimulus that we do not need , it is toxic it's the reason that the FED is turning this recession into a Depression ...""rates are too low they should get higher , we have no savings in this country and we are not going to get any savings zero percent interest rates , and the problem is the government is spending too much ney , it is borrowing too much money , we are never going to restructure the economy to produce things to provide employment for our citizens unless the government get out of the way unless the government shrinks and returns resources to the productive part of our economy...."...etc...

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