Monday, September 13, 2010

John Stossel - Entrepreneurs under Attack

John Stossel show aired on FOX Business network on September 9th, 2010. Today's topic: "Entrepreneurs under Attack ." You can say it was a follow up to the other two shows aired earlier this year: "Free to Choose (2010-06-10)" and "Do you run your life? (2010-05-07)". They both are available on my channel in the "Playlist" section. Tonight, however, I think we got an interesting insight into the Union member's mindset about competition and how they view themselves. If there is one thing that one can take away from this show is this: "Collusion of Unions with the Government" or "Collusion of any business with the Government" spells death to a free market idea that this country was founded on (among other important things, of course). The show is split into seven segments:

1) Introduction to the subject.
2) Public Transit Unions: No competition allowed!
3) Entrepreneurs under attack by endless government rules.
4) Licensing madness.
5) Should entrepreneurs need a license to sell caskets?
6) The audience has its say.
7) Stossel's perspective.

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