Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bill Still : No More National Debt

Bill Still : No More National Debt

A micro-funding site for my new book, "No More National Debt". To check it out, go to KickStarter and search for Bill Still.

For those of you who are a little pressed for time, I'm going to tell you what this book is all about in 60 seconds. Start the clock.

There are only 2 basic choices for who issues a nation's money:
1. we the people; or
2. banks.

The second alternative -- believe it or not -- is the case today -- for every nation on earth.

Think about this. Which do you want?

The issuance of the nation's money is the very definition of sovereignty.
• Without it, a nation CANNOT be sovereign.
• Without it, a nation must start borrowing.
• Without it a nation must borrow money -- all its money -- from bankers, and yes, they do charge interest on it.

Remember what Proverbs warns:
"... the borrower is servant to the lender."

That's why nations can ever get out of debt under this system, because all our money is borrowed from bankers. To reduce the National Debt is to reduce the national money. Politicians tend to ignore this embarrassing fact.

That's why governmental "austerity" measures will not work. Because the interest on the debt is growing faster than any possible cutbacks in spending. This never-reported fact is what is overwhelming every governmental budget everywhere around.

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