Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peter schiff : These Tax Cuts Are Undermining Our Economy & Preventing It From Recovery

December 09, 2010 Peter Schiff : "...These Tax Cuts Are Undermining Our Economy & Preventing It From Recovery..." ..."We're just getting more government, more money being printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve, that is undermining our economy, that is preventing it from recovering."Reduce govt spending, plus tax cuts and slow down the false money supply otherwise tax cuts doesn't mean nothing if prices for products keep rising to offset the decreasing value of the currency. Thats the message I got from this.

Companies in the USA are sitting on almost $2 trillion in cash. This is a 50 year high and should cause everyone to wonder why they don't want to hire and invest. My guess is its a combination of what the Gov did to GM, the Banks, Healthcare and tax rates. Private property rights have been destroyed and no one has a clue what things will cost down the road even 6 months.

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