Friday, April 29, 2011

Peter Schiff - CNBC Silver vs Gold 30/04/2011

Peter Schiff on CNBC shares his thoughts on the increases of silver & gold from over the week - Peter Schiff : ....maybe ben bernanke will get sick for a while and stop breathing. but when ben bernanke talks, the gold traders listen. the dollar index hitting a three-year low....... i don't see any of the central foreign banks getting aggressive enough to damage gold, but as central banks raise rates that's going to make their currencies far more appealing than the dollar. so that will accelerate the downward pressure on the dollar which, of course, is good for cold, particularly from the perspective of a u.s. dollar investor...... there can always be a correction in a bull market. but the only thing that would really make me change my mind would be fiscal responsibility in Washington and sound money at the fed. but neither of those things is a reality. the only thing that can hurt gold is not going to happen. the politicians don't have the guts to prick this phony bubble economy. they're going to keep blowing air into it and that means gold is going to go up, silver is going to go up, commodities are going to go up. everything is going to go up. stocks will go up, too, but not as fast.

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  1. Peter Schiff is rarely wrong. I'm buying more gold and silver.


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