Friday, April 1, 2011

Peter Schiff on The Jobs Report

Pater Schiff :...what few people seem to understand is that the jobs we are creating are actually adding to the problem , we are creating a lot pf goods consuming jobs while we ae not creating the goods producing jobs that the economy needs , and the reason that we continue to create the wrong kind of jobs is because the federal reserve is handing out free money , it is because interest rates are so low individual Americans and in particular the federal government is able to spend all sort of money that we do not really have and these that are created now are function of the spending borrowed and printed money but the process of creating all this inflation to preserve the phony economy and non productive jobs is causing severe damage to the US economy which will ultimately result in much higher rate of unemployment because once the FED takes the punch ball away the jobs go with it ...

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  1. That means it's a fake economy and it's not based on truth.


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