Monday, April 25, 2011

Peter Schiff : Silver Will Gain on Gold in this Bull Market

Peter Schiff on CNBC Fast Money 4/25/11 talking about the Unstoppable Silver rally...

Peter Schiff : if you look at the amount of silver in the earth versus gold and I think the ratio there is about 17 to one , I think silver is going to continue to gain on gold as this bull market continues to unfold , I think we have many many years left to go , I ultimately think that you will see a gold / silver ratio below 20 ,right now is more like about 35 , but when this bull market started I think the ratio was about 60 , now I have been buying silver for about ten years when I started buying it it was 5 dollars an ounce at the time gold was about 250 , 260 dollars an ounce both the precious metals have gone up , but silver has gone up more and if i am right and this bull market continues I expect silver to keep outperforming at my metals company I have been recommending people would have two third gold one third silver for long time obviously people that did that right now they might have fifty fifty because silver has gained on gold even though both metals have risen , and the reason that's happening is because Ben Bernanke is debasing the value of the dollar , r i fact central banks all around the world are too loose they are creating too much money and so people all around the world are buying gold and silver as a store of value and I think that that will continue ....

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  1. Hey..We never know that where silver/gold will gain on gols/silver. Investing money on gold/silver is just like a big bet that you are playing in casino..

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