Monday, April 18, 2011

The Standard & Poors lowered the long-term U.S. credit outlook from Stable to Negative

Peter Schiff Report Video Blog, April 18th 2011 : this marks actually the first day that The S&P expressed some concern regarding the fiscal outlook for the US treasury and by extension its credit rating on US sovereign debt , what the S&P did today was place the AAA credit rating of the United States on negative watch prior to today the watch has been stable and the US government enjoyed a triple A credit rating , now that triple A credit rating has not been reduced despite S&P's legitimate concern that Washington is not going to get its fiscal house in order , that there is no progress being made whatsoever to address our medium to long term fiscal imbalances namely the budget deficit and national debt because congress is reluctant to do anything about it Standard and Poors is now concerned enough that they are putting a negative outlook on their triple A credit rating

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