Wednesday, June 15, 2011

John Stossel - The Licensing Racket

Expensive useless licenses in order for for our government to get the money to pay expensive useless harmful bureaucrats who spend their days sitting in armchairs moving a mouse and staring at a computer screen and having coffee breaks cigarette breaks and what have you breaks...the government is cancer and the more we keep feeding it the more it will eat us up , we do not need the government to tell us how we should live our lives


  1. Daily we move closer to a fascist dictatorship. My real estate brokers license cost me $500 every two years and 900 classroom hours. How ridiculous. Who really benefits from this? Not the public. It doesn't make the salesman more honest, but it does put money into the pockets all of the regulatory agencies staffed mainly by previous real estate agents that have figured out it is easier to steal it from those out there every day hustling up new business.


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