Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peter schiff on Bernanke Press Conference

Peter Schiff  Report Video Blog June 25th 2011
Ben Bernanke knows that QE3 is coming he just does not want to aknoweledge it says Peter Schiff , the news of the week is the announcement by the FED that they will continue their zero percent interest rate policy for an extended time period although how long extebnded is still in the air , Ben Bernanke did a follow up to that announcement with what hs become a traditional press conference where he acknoweledged that the US economy is in fact slowing down , Peter Schiff says the BenBernanke will later on announce an aditional Quantitative Easing although he may not call it QE , a term that Peter Schiff never liked anyways because it does not describe what the FED is really doing , they should call it instead Debt Monetization or Inflation Creation or simply Money Printing

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