Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peter Schiff on Gold reaching $1800/oz for the first time in history

Peter Schiff : you just described the meeting that is about to take place with Obama , Geithner and Bernanke , nothing is going to come out that meting but more inflation , so if you own gold now you better hold it , you better have some gold when that meeting comes to a conclusion , there is no ceiling to the price of Gold because there is no floor to the dollar , what is our economic policy ? print money , Gold is not just a commodity it is a monetary metal and the real people are buying real money it is because they are losing faith and rightly so in Fiat money in paper money , it dos not work and you have Ben Bernanke coming out yesterday and saying he is going to keep interest rates at zero for at least another two years , how does he do that ? he has to monetize a lot of government debt , he has to keep printing money that destroys its value and so the people who are smart are moving into gold , the problem is most people have not done it yet , hardly anybody owns gold that's the problem

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