Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Peter Schiff for Ron Paul 2012

Peter Schiff shows his support of Ron Paul throughout the 2007-08 election season and he is supporting him during the coming 2012 presidentials .Peter Schiff and Ron Paul are both libertarians and followers of the Austrian School of economics, Americans Wake up.. We need Ron Paul 2012. No more Bush/Obama. This is critical.Just like with Ron Paul... they all laughed at him over the past several years (in some cases much longer), and time and again the predictions of Peter and Paul come true.  It's amazing how the masses prefer to gravitate towards the status quo as opposed to common sense.

The masses prefer the status quo because economic pain has not reached enough people yet. When the US dollar will finally collapse, sending inflation sky high, then the vanishing middle class will take the streets. Unrest, riot police using tear gas and barking dogs, civil rights suspended, the IMF stepping in, you know, the stuff you see on the news from third world countries... I suppose someone will utter a Twitter version of Let them eat cake! Guillotine in Central Park anyone?

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