Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Peter Schiff interviews Dan Hannan MEP

Europac Peter Schiff interviews British MEP Dan Hannan , Conservative Party member of the European Parliament and writer for The Daily Telegraph talks with Schiff on why this might be the right time to dump the European Union altogether.They discuss how increasing government regulation, oversight, and taxes has set back America's economy and created the Occupy Wall Street movement .What we need is a system that backs all the intangible assets with tangible and durable goods. Gold and silver have been those goods for a millenia. However, they have one flaw, the rate at which their supply grows does not keep up with the value that humans create through labor. The easy answer is to rely on more sources of transportable wealth that are abundant and useful. Basically, make money a barder system instead of a system of fiat currencies and fractional reserves.

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