Monday, November 28, 2011

Peter Schiff on the MF Global debacle

Peter Schiff is on the Alex Jones show today to talk about the recent MF Global debacle :its not the 1% we have worry about its the 0.01% Goldman Sachs has the money. ,Nothing wrong with Capitalism as long as the government maintains a level playing field and favors the wealthy who buy influence to ensure their profits and eliminate their risk. The FDA is run by big Pharma, the financial industry is protected by the Federal Reserve, for example. Real economic freedom is a good but I think the Pilgrims would have starved it was not for those nice Indians that fed thm

Peter Schiff..former Ron Paul economic advisor, one of the few who with 100% accuracy predicted the collapse and the new puppet's response with Keynesian money printing and you would assume Congress would have sent for him immediately to explain the sickness that is causing this nation to die a slow death. Finally 4 years later they called in the genius to give them a lesson in economics. Watch Schiff testifies Congress.

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